Tomato St. Pierre



Tomatoes don’t like direct sunlight and they don’t tolerate frost — keep this in mind. You can grow them indoors, in a greenhouse, or outdoors. Once you choose the right spot, place seedlings a few centimeters deep into the soil — don’t cover them too much. Water the soil after sowing. Ensure that seeds for separate tomato trees are separated by at least 30 — 40 cm of space. Keep them moist at all times during germination but water the soil rather than the plan or its leaves — that could make the plant sick.




Harvest anytime between July and October — as soon as the tomatoes seem ready. Harvesting is simple — just pick the ripe red fruits. Once you’re regrowing them in the second year, you can begin harvesting in March. 


Get creative in the kitchen.  


You can use fresh tomato leaves to season vegetable dishes, mushrooms, soup, sauces, marinated foods, and homemade lemonade. You’d also be surprised how good the tea tastes if you brew it with tomato leaves. As for the tomatoes themselves, they will serve you well as complements for lamb, pork, and pasta dishes. Ideal for roasts and grills, too. 

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