Meet one of the easiest and fastest vegetables to grow, radishes. Spread a handful of seeds across the soil, and when the seeds germinate, let them grow for a bit, until they reach a height of 4 cm high. Then, thin out the weakest seedlings, producing a distance that’s just enough for plants to be apart from each other. Sow anytime between April and August — the later your sowing date, the later the harvest date will be. If you’re really going for radishes and sowing more than one row, space rows by 15cm. Water every two days to avoid tangy taste. 




It will take 4-8 weeks for the radishes to become ready for harvest. They mature quickly, so radishes should be checked frequently as they grow. Don’t leave them in the ground for too long. When mature, pull the roots and cut off the leaves. Store in the refrigerator and use them in a week or two.


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Crunchy and mildly spicy — that’s the perfect description of delicious if you ask us. Eat them fresh as a snack or chop thinly for salads — they work wonders for your taste buds both ways. Radishes stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to a month, and up to two weeks in room temperature.

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