First things first: the herb leaf is called cilantro, and the herb seed is called coriander. You can grow this plant indoors or outdoors. If you’re starting indoors, you’ll need to transplant to the outdoors later. Put the seeds in the soil and cover them with about a 0,6 cm layer of soil. Leave the cilantro growing until it is at least 5 cm tall. If you’re sowing cilantro in your garden, dig holes 8-10 cm apart and gently place your seedlings inside. And water thoroughly after transplanting. Remember – the ideal growing conditions for your babies are cool but sunny. 



Taking the time to prune cilantro frequently will help delay bolting and prolong your harvest time, but no matter how much you prune cilantro, it will still eventually bolt. Plant new seeds about every six weeks to keep a steady supply throughout the season. Once the cilantro plants bolt, let them spread seeds, and it will regrow the next year. You could also collect the cilantro seeds and use them as coriander in your cooking.


Get creative in the kitchen.

Cilantro pairs well with a wide variety of foods such as avocados, beans, cheese, chicken, eggs, fish, lamb, lentils, mayonnaise, peppers, pork, rice, salads, salsas, shellfish, tomatoes, and even yoghurt. You’ll find it tasty as a topping for meat and vegetarian dishes like lentils and rice.

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