Garden Cress



Garden cress can grow in any soil — it can even grow on wet paper. Sow early in the spring, in early March, in the shade or semi-shade. Spread the seeds densely across the soil, and ground gently. You can expect the cress to grow super fast — it should germinate and show up within a few days. Water regularly to keep it healthy.



Visit your plant and harvest a part of it every 7-14 days. This will ensure that the plant doesn’t grow overly mature yet produces a recurring harvest. If you fail to harvest, the plants will mature to a point where they start spreading seeds themselves, and you’ll have even more cress growing in your yard. 


Get creative in the kitchen.

Cress is a nutritious vegetable, so it’s a superb addition to your diet. It’s rich in green proteins and vitamins C, B1, B2, minerals like potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, carotene, and mustard oil. But use fresh. Otherwise, it will lose taste. The leaves are a super popular ingredient for sandwiches with whipped eggs, mayonnaise, and salt, so we suggest giving this one a try.

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