Chives are a cool-season crop, which means that they grow best in the spring and fall. Start sowing indoors, 6 to 8 weeks before the last spring frost. To begin growing chives indoors, fill a 15 cm pot with soil which you have pre-moistened. Sow seeds over the pre-moistened medium and cover with a fine layer of pre-moistened soil, about 0.5 cm deep and place in the lighted area. Note that chives can take a few weeks to germinate, so don’t panic!



You can begin harvesting the chives when the leaves grow large enough to be clipped and big enough for actual use in the kitchen. Gather the leaves into a bunch. Use a pair of sharp, clean scissors to remove the leaves. Do not cut too closely to the bulb, or you will spoil the chances of the chives regrowing.


Get creative in the kitchen.

Use chives in garnishes, salads, sandwiches, vegetable stocks, soups, creamy sauces, potato dishes and omelettes, adding the herb to the dish just before serving. Purple-blue chive flowers are also delicious!

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