Growing your lettuce is far superior to the store-bought alternative — it’s rich in taste and vitamin A, which makes it a favorite of ours. If you’re planting outdoors, sow into a moist, 1cm deep hole. Cover with a bit of soil and leave around 30cm between rows. Once the seedlings get bigger, you’ll have to thin them out to 10-20cm apart. You’ll want to water along the row to ensure that the soil resettles around the remaining plants. If you sow seeds every 14 days from March through September, it will ensure a steady supply of lettuce for your kitchen. 



You should harvest lettuce when it has reached full size, but just before maturity. It’s because the leaves taste best when they’re still young and tender. Before maturity, you can harvest lettuce by simply removing outer leaves so that the center leaves can continue growing. They taste best in the early morning, before the leaves dehydrate in the sun. 


Get creative in the kitchen.


You can add lettuce to any salad possible. Or try as a side to proteins. Our advice would be to eat it as soon as possible — leaves will quickly limp, especially during warm weather. 

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