To plant the cucumbers, you’ll need to apply moisture to the seed-starting mix thoroughly. Start in March, in a warm greenhouse or on the windowsill in pots with sowing soil. Put the seeds a finger deep into the soil. Cucumbers germinate only at a temperature of 20-25°C and take about 6-15 days to do so.




Your cucumbers will take about 70 days to mature. Before harvest, water every two days. Once you see that they’re ready, start harvesting. It’s better to harvest earlier rather than later — this will ensure that they’re juicier and full of flavor. 


Get creative in the kitchen.


Eat raw as a snack. Naturally-grown cucumbers are delicious — your taste buds will thank you. You can also use cucumbers in salads or any side dishes. Our personal recommendation is a cucumber salad with vinegar and herbs. You can also marinade them, use for juice shakes, or even as a cosmetics tool. 

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