Spinach is the perfect addition to your garden — it’s high in iron, calcium, and vitamins A, B, and C. Grow spinach in moist but well-drained soil (pots with holes will serve you perfectly). Sow seeds in a shallow, moist hole, around 1.5cm deep, and cover lightly with soil. Sow spinach every few weeks to ensure a continuous crop. Make sure there’s enough sun, too. Spinach thrives in the sun and in fertile soil that doesn’t dry out quickly.



You can start harvesting within 6-10 weeks after sowing. As a general rule, we’d recommend picking harvest between May and October. But spinach grows fast in warm weather, so keep an eye on your crop. If you’re late to harvest, bitterness will set in quickly after maturity. You can either harvest the whole plant at once and cut at the base or pick off the leaves one by one.


Get creative in the kitchen. 

Spinach is best eaten fresh when it’s highest in nutrients. But it can be frozen for later use in soups and omelets – there’s no need to blanch the leaves. Harvest baby leaves for use in salads or mature leaves to wilt for use in soups and stews.

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